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Website Backup : How To Backup Your WordPress Website Free ?

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If you have a website, then you must also think about website backup. Right now there are many such hosting website which provide you daily backup. But the backup charge is very high and is a complete waste. Because right now there are many plugin available which you can use and backup your website for free. You do not have to pay any money. So this is what I am going to tell you in this article. How you can do daily backup of your website.

why we don’t need hosting backup

As you know that hosting service can also provide backup of our website. But we have to pay for that. And on the other side, we have many such plugins that we can use and backup our website. But if you have a big project and have not built a website on wordpress, then you can go with hosting company backup. Otherwise you can store the file in your device by taking daily backup by yourself. So let us know how people who have created a website on wordpress can backup their website for free.

So friends for wordpress website backup top 2 best plugin is available on wordpress. UpDraftPlus & Xcloner Google Drive Both of these plugins are quite good and you can backup your website using either of these two plugins. So let’s know where and how this plugin provides backup.


This plugin is very popular, it has 2+ million active installation for wordpress website backup. And talking about its rating, a rating of 5 will show you. This plugin has been liked by many people to backup the website. This plugin provides you backup of your website on many plateform. You are shown the Backup Plateform in Screen Shot below, where this plugin can provide you backup. Backups of your website are stored on these plateform by remote controle. And you can choose any one of these plateform where there is a default account. And the plateform on which you want to backup your website, you have to connect that account with UpDraft Plugin. And than backup of your website will be stored on that plateform with remote controle.

UpDraftPlugin website is not only used for backing up, you can also use this plugin to make Clone of the website.

Xcloner Google Drive

Xcloner It seems from the name of the plugin that it gives backup of website on google drive. And of course it gives backup of website on google drive. So if you talk about the installation of this plugin then this plugin is 2000+ active installation. And talk about its rating, then a rating of 5 will get you more to see. And this plugin is also used to make the website clone. By using this plugin, you can backup your website. And you can make your website a clone website.

Plugin Setup

If we talk about the setup of these two plugins, then it is very easy that any Normal Blogger can setup this plugin very easily. If you still have any problem in setting up the plugin, you can contact me. I will help you to setup these Plugin.

So friends, I hope you liked this article and now you will not have any worries about website backup. If you have liked this article, then you can subscribe to our website to know such tips & tricks. So see you soon next in an article.

Md Saifullah Nurani
I am Founder & CEO of Good Knowledge. I love to share my knowledge Globally.


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