IPL Voting Script | How to watch free IPL 2020

As you know, the IPL (Indian Premiere League) is celebrated as a festival in India. People from other countries also like watching IPL matches. IPL is played in Match India always but in 2020 due to Corona Virus IPL Played In Dubai.

IPL Voting Script

We have brought you HTML, CSS & Javascript Voting Script, which people will be able to use to Vote their favorite IPL team and also know how to watch Free 2020 IPL Match.

Hosting is very important to setup this script because this script will be setup only on Hosting. If you do not have Hosting, then search Best Hosting on Internet. You make a Hosting Purchase from any Hosting Company. And you will need a domain for that. If you want the domain, you can use Paid or Free Domain.

If you want to use paid domain, then you can make a domain purchase from any hosting company. To get a free domain, you can try on the website of Freenom. From there you will get a domain in Free. But taking Freenom Domain is not easy, So I have written a post for you, by reading it you will be able to get a domain from Freenom.

After Hosting and Domain Purchase, both have to be connected through Nameserver or through IP Address. If you have a problem with connecting your hosting and domain, then watch this video and connect your hosting with domain.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/gKX4F3lyfBI?list=PL-ztjziPFIgE-EVEdeMBuotL99CgxmDRg” rel=”no” title=”How to connect Domain with Hosting”]

How to connect domain with hosting

Connecting domains and hosting is very important. Otherwise people will not be able to reach the Destination of your website. For Exmaple Railway track connects one railway station to another railway station to people reach their Destination Station through Rail.

So here first railway station is your domain and second railway station is your hosting. And both of them have to connect by adding Hosting Nameserver or Hosting IP Address in Domain DNS Setting. When these are connected, then you will see your file, which you uploaded on your hosting by searching your domain name on Search Engine.

Hosting and Domain may take a minimum of 1 minute to connect or a maximum of 24 hours. When the hosting and domain is connected with then your root directory of hosting becomes open after searching the domain name on search engine. If Domain and Hosting have not been connected, then “this site can’t be reached”┬ámessage will show when searching domain name on search enginge.

After Hosting and Domain Connect, you have to download Voting Script by clicking on Download Button below.

[su_button url=”https://goodknowledge.co.in/blog/076dbc09″ style=”flat” background=”#efdc2d” color=”#000000″ size=”11″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”10px 10px 05px #00000″ class=”.button”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

To unzip Voting Script Zip File you need Zarchiver Application. Download it and then Unzip Voting Script.

Developer: ZDevs
Price: Free

After Voting Script Unzip you must Download QuickEdit App to add your Domain Name to Voting Script.

QuickEdit Text Editor
QuickEdit Text Editor
Developer: Rhythm Software
Price: Free

How to upload script on hosting ?

  1. Script Folder will be found on extracting the zip file, there will be 3 file in it index.php, page.html & final.html. After that open QuickEdit App and than click Folder icon which is appear on the top header, and than click on Open button and open Page.html file to replace your website domain.
  2. Click on 3 dot which is right side upper and click on search icon and than enter “Paste Your Link” in Search text Box and then enter URL of your site in Replace width Box and than click on replace button & than save it.
  3. Make your Script Folder a Zip File with the Zarchiver App and then login to your hosting’s Cpanel. Then go to File Manager and open Public_html folder. Click the Upload button at the top and upload the Zip file that you had zipped.
  4. After uploading the Zip file click go back to home and click on zip file, there will be appear a button of Extract in above, click on it and extract it.
  5. Open new tab of your browser and search your domain like (example.com/script/). Now your IPL Voting Site is ready.


[su_image_carousel source=”media: 3674,3675,3676″ slides_style=”photo” crop=”9:16″ align=”center” dots=”no” link=”custom” image_size=”medium”]

How to earn money from this IPL Voting script ?

Implement any AdNetwork ads codess on this script in every file index.php, page.html & final.php there is a option like to Implement Any AdNetwork Ads code. In every file you will see this option (<!—–Ads—–>) just paste your Ads code below this tag.

I hope you enjoy this article, For more update subacribe our newsletter and follow me on my social profile. If you need any type of help just contact me via my social profile.

Thanks for read.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/utoCkS3u_Kw” rel=”no” title=”IPL Voting Script”]

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