How To Generate Twitter API Key In 2020 | How To Create Twitter Developer Account ?

Twitter API Key

In this article I am going to talk about Twitter App API Key. As you know twitter is very popular social media. It is used in every country. In many places we are asked for the Twitter API when connecting something with Twitter. How does the Twitter API Generate. To generate the Twitter API, you must first create a Twitter API Developer Account. I wrote every step how to generate Twitter API Key.

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API has full form (Application Programming Interface). An API is a key that connects to its database whose API is used.

How To Create Twitter API Developer Account

First of all you have to open your Chrome Browser, after that you have to do a search, then you enter your login user and password, or signup if you have visited Twitter for the first time. After that you have to search in Google after searching, you will reach the official page of Twitter App API Key, on which you will get the option of “Create an app”, click on it, then you will apply Click on Button. After that you have to select Exploring The API and click on Next Button.

After that you will have to verify by putting your phone number and email ID on it, if you have not already verified the phone number and email ID in your Twitter account. After that you have to select your country, after that you have to enter the account name in the box below and click on the Next button.

After that you will get 5 Boxes in which you have to fill. According to the requirement, if you do not want to use any non working material for your project, then you set no by clicking on toggle. Below you will find what to fill, you can copy and paste it.

  • Fill in the 1st box

I am integration our post musician tool with Twitter to publish curated content from our web site to our Twitter user profile. we tend to area unit getting to deliver our content to our own Twitter account. Our web site can solely use for tweet on twitter.

  • Fill in the 2nd box

Yes, I’m attending to perform preliminary information analysis, like our content deliver to possess Twitter account.

  • Fill in the 3rd box

Yes, our App is employed to tweet our web site content on twitter account from our web site by post musician tool.

  • Fill in the 4th box

Yes, I’ll find yourself displaying information regarding twitter contents are displayed on-line on our web site by tool.

  • Fill in the 5th box

Yes, our product service or analysis create Twitter content or derived info out there to a government entity.

After that you have to click on Next Button, then you will reach on Next Page. You have to click on “Looks Good” Button in the bottom.

Then you will reach the Guidelines page of Twitter and click on Submit Application Agree to Condition, after that you recieve a verification email, You will have to verify your email. After Verify Twitter API Developer Account will be created.

After creating Twitter API Developer Account, you have to generate Twitter App API Key. You cannot generate the Twitter App API Key until you create a Twitter API Developer Account, so let’s now explain how to generate the Twitter App API Key.

How To Generate App API Key

You have to do a search in Google after that you will reach the official App API page of twitter, there will be a option to Create an app, click on it, then You have to enter the name of your project app, after that you have to enter the description of the application.

After that you have to enter the URL of the website, if you are using a tool somehow and there are given a CallBack URL, then add callback url in the Call Back URL box.

After that you have to enter the link of the Terms and Condition of your website, Privacy Policy. If you have organization name and Organization URL, then enter or leave blank.

After that in the last box you have to write about your website or app, how your website or app works. After that you have to click on Create Button, then your Twitter App API will be created. To check the Twitter API, you have to click on the tab of Keys and token, there you will find the Twitter App API key.

To generate Twitter access token and secret key, you have to click on the tab of Keys and token, on there you will get access token and access token Secret Option, below that you will get Create Option, click on it, then access token and access token Secret will Genearte.

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