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As you know, by uploading a file on google drive and sharing its link, the user first has to login to his google drive account and then he is able to download that file from his google drive. If there was a method by which the user could download the file without logging in then it would be great. So it is absolutely such a method is very simple process, which you can generate google drive direct link by following method. And from that link again you or any user can download directly without login in Google Drive. So how will these direct download links generate? We have given you complete information in this article.

To generate Google Drive Direct link, first of all you need Google Drive API.  Login to Google Developer Console and from there you will have to generate Google Drive API Key.


After generating the Google Drive API Key, you have to generate a public link of your Google Drive file if you want to share your file with all users. We have told you in detail below how to generate Google Drive Public Link.

How To Generate Google Drive Public Link

First of all, you have to open your Google Drive in desktop. If there is no desktop, then you have to open google drive in desktop mode in any browser of your phone and select the file you want to share and that file After selecting, you have to click on the link (?) icon that will show.

After clicking on the link icon, you will find a toggle button to share on, click on it to share on, then after that you have to click on sharing setting.


And then you will get the option of get link below, below that you will get the option to change, click on it.

And then you will get a small Triangle button by clicking on it, you have to select the option with Anyone with the link. Then your google drive will be enabled for all users. And who will get the link there in Green Color, you have to copy that link.

How To Generate Google Drive Direct Download Link

To generate Google Drive Direct Link you have to go to the page with the Google Plugin Direct Link Genarater of wonder plugin.

Click here to go to the worder plugin direct google drive download link generator


After visiting the wonder plugin website you will get two boxes, in the first box you have to enter the public link of Google Drive and in the second box you have to insert the Google Drive API key. And then you will find below Generate Google Drive Link Button by clicking on it to generate Google Drive direct link. And you will find the direct link in the box below. You can copy that link and share it with your user. You can driect download your google drive file by clicking this link without having to login to google drive account.

So friends, I hope you will not have any problem in downloading the file from your Google Drive and neither will any of your users. So friends if you liked this article, like this article. And want to read a similar article daily. So subscribe to our website so that whenever I publish a post on our website, you can get its notification. So friends, see you soon in the next article.


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