How To Generate Torrent Link to Direct Download Link ?

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Generate torrent link to direct download link

A copy of the file is taken from the original server (seed) which is available for a large number of users to download. The file is then divided into lump pieces. Each client acts as both a seed and leech for a torrent, which means that each of those clients uploads their own knots of the file to other clients, as well as to download bits of the file that They do not take from others.

The drawback of this process is that many leakages are associated with the same pair, which means that transfer rates are reduced when providing a lump of files to multiple clients, resulting in other patrons trying to download the same file Create obstacles.

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To download fast from torrent, the magnet link has to be generated in the direct download link. Many websites are available to generate direct download links. Using any one website, you can generate torrent link into direct download link, and the file that is available will be download fast after the direct download link is generated. You will not get to see any problem while File Downloading.

What will happen when using the website to download the file?

Using the website to generate a direct download link to a magnet link, the website uses the magnet link to download the file on its server and provides us with another link. By using which we can directly download that file. Without any problem.

Why convert torrent link to direct download link ?

  1. The health of Seed (number of seeds online) becomes an insignificant factor.
  2. The speed should be comparatively fast, no matter how low the seeds are. Deals on 1 to 10 seeds
  3. There is no need for any torrent downloading client.
  4. By converting torrent to a direct download, you can also download the file to your mobile.
  5. You can store the torrent in cloud storage for later download.

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“A Very famous website from where you can generate torrent links into direct download links”

Seedr.cc is a very popular website from where any Torrent Link can be generated in a direct download link, the link is generated very fast. After the link is generated you will get a Direct Downlaod Link. You can download direct by copying it.

How to generate your magnet link from seedr.cc to direct download Link.

Create Seedr Account

1). First of all you have to create your account on Seedr. To create an account, click on the Signup button which appears in the Header and then you can register with Email and Password or Facebook Account.

Generate Torrent link to direct download link

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2). After creating an account on Seedr, click on the Plus Icon and paste the Magnet link of your file by copying it there. After pasting the magnet link, click on the plus icon and add your Maagnet link. After the magnet link is added, you have to cut it by clicking on cut Icon.

Progress bar

3) There you will be able to see in the progress bar how many percent have been converted to Magnet Link Direct Download Link. After converting 100%, click on 3 dot on you. Copy download link button will be found there. Click on it and copy the direct download link. Paste the link by opening a new tab, your file will start downloading.

New user gets 2.5 GB free space on Seedr. User can convert up to 2.5 GB magnet file into direct download link on seedr. If you want to convert more than 2.5 GB file into direct link, then you have to buy space on seedr. check seedr premium space price. If you want to take space on seedr in Free, then read this article continuously.

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How to get free seedr space ?

Seedr is a very good website. Provides you 2.5 GB of free space and besides 3.5 GB provide Extra space. But it has been given some conditions to get 3.5 GB space. If you follow that condition then you can take 3.5 GB extra space for free. Seedr has 3 contidion, if you complete all 3 condition then you will get 3.5 GB free space. Click here to see & complete the condition.

Review about seedr on twitter

1). You have to review Seedr on twitter with “@seedrcoil”. You will get 500 MB free space to complete this review. After giving a review on Twitter, you will have to tell your twitter user name so that the seedr team can check your review.

Submit twitter review on seedr

  • Click on the Get Free Space button to tell your twitter user name to the seedr team. And enter your twitter user name in the box and submit it.

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Write blog post about seedr

2). If you have a blog, then you have to write a good post about the seedr. After writing the post, you have to send a URL of your post to the seedr team.

submit blog post url on seedr

  • To send a link, click on Get free space button, there will be a URL box on it, enter the URL of your blog post and submit it. The more you write a blog post about Seedr, the more you will get space from 500 MB to 1000 MB.

seedr referral link

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3). Join anyone on the seedr with your referal link. It is limited, only 4 users can join with your referral Link. On joining every user, you will get 500 MB free space.

So in this way you can generate Magnet Link on Seedr in direct download link and take 3.5 GB extra space. If you liked this article, then subscribe to our website so that you can get notification of new article and share this article on your social media.

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