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2020 Free IPL Live Streaming Gone Wrong | Delhi Hight Court Sent Notice

As you know, the IPL (Indian Premiere League) is celebrated as a festival in India. People from other countries also like watching IPL matches. IPL is played in Match India always but in 2020 because of Corona Virus.

IPL Live Streaming

Everyone loves to watch IPL, and to watch this game, it is necessary to have a TV in your house to see if there is no TV, yet you can watch this game using your phone. To see in the phone, you can see the Hotstar App by Istemal. This app is for both Android & iOS.

To watch IPL on this app, you have to take a VIP plan of 399. This plan is valid for 1 year, in this plan you will get all VIP access to Hotstar. There is another plan of Hotstar which is 1499 rupees, in this plan you will also get the Shows of America Country to see you. This plan is also valid for one year.

Deney + Hotstar Plans

Hotstar was able to watch IPL matches for free using this app when the launch was done. But Hotstar’s VIP Plan had to be bought to watch Hotstar Pay Match from 2019. There are many people who want to watch matches in Hotstar Free.

To watch Match in Hotstra Pay Free it is necessary to have Hotstar Mod APK. In 2019, about half of Hindustan watched Free IPL matches using Hotstar’s Mod APK. But it was not found to look like in 2020, since Hotstar has been “Desney + Hotstar”, since then it has become very difficult to make a Mod APK of this app.

How To Watch IPL Free Read More..

Because of which people could not watch IPL matches in Hotstar Pay Free in 2020. But as you know that everyone likes to watch IPL Match, those who do not have TV, they watch on Hotstar. But to watch Hotstar Match, one of the 2 plans of Hotstar will have to buy.

There are many people who do not have the money to buy any Hotstar plan and those who have the money do not have the payment method to pay. People who wanted to watch IPL for free started finding ways on the Internet. Seeing the increasing demand of IPL Match in Free, many people started watching Free Match, which was benefitting them.

Those whose website was their website traffic started coming, whose application was their app started downloading, whose Facebook page was their followers. Similarly, by showing live IPL matches on many social media and apps, they were increasing their follower, traffic & download.

But it was not going to last long because they were streaming without licence. And then a notice was sent to all those people who were streaming IPL on the website. You can read below what kind of notice was received from the court.

××××××××× Notice ×××××××××

Dear Sir / Madam

As you are aware, we write to you on behalf of our Clients Star India Pvt. Ltd. and Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, having its office at Star House, Urmi Estate, 95 Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai, 400013 (“Our Clients”).

Our Clients are the leading broadcaster of sports content in India and is the exclusive licensee of media rights to various sporting events properties. The Board of Control Cricket India has granted Our Clients the exclusive television rights, internet rights, mobile rights and certain ancillary rights (the “Exclusive Rights”) with respect to Indian Premier League 2020.

Our Clients instituted a Suit against various websites, (list of the website is attached herewith), before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, inter alia, for permanent injunction restraining violation of its exclusive statutory rights in relation to the Indian Premier League 2020.

As you are further aware, the above-mentioned matter came up before Hon’ble Ms. Justice Mukta Gupta, Delhi High Court on 23rd September 2020. The Hon’ble Court was pleased to issue notice to you and was also pleased to pass an ex-parte ad-interim order in terms of the following:

“Consequently, till the next date of hearing before this Court, an ex-parte ad-interim injunction is granted in favour of the plaintiffs and against the defendants in terms of the following:-

(i)           The defendant Nos. 1 to 38, their owners, partners, proprietors, officers, servants, employees, principals, agents etc. or anybody claiming through them or by or under them, are restrained in any manner from communicating, hosting, streaming and/or making available for viewing, downloading without authorization on their websites or other platforms through the internet in any manner or whatsoever, the Dream 11 IPL 2020 and the contents related thereto;

(ii)          Defendant Nos. 39 is directed to suspend the domain names of defendant Nos. 5 and 6 and defendant No. 40 is directed to suspend the domain name of defendant no. 7;

(iii)         Defendant Nos. 41 to 49, their Directors, Proprietors, officers, affiliates etc. are directed to block access to the websites impleaded as defendant Nos. 1 to 38 within 72 hours of the receipt of the order of this Court;

(iv)        Defendant Nos. 50 and 51 are directed to issue notifications calling upon the internet and telecom service provides registered under them, to block access to the various websites which have been impleaded as defendant Nos. 1 to 38 in the present suit;

(v)         In case, the plaintiffs come across any such infringing activity in relation to the cause of action pleaded in the present suit, the plaintiffs would file an affidavit before this Court and on an affidavit filed, the directions as issued from serial No. (i) to (iv) of the order above, would apply to the said website(s) as well.”

In order to protect and enforce its exclusive rights in Dream 11 IPL 2020, Our Clients engaged the services of an investigation agency, to monitor Rogue Websites and gather evidence of their infringing activity. Additional 62 websites have been identified by the investigation agency engaged in illegally communicating Dream 11 IPL 2020. Consequently, in terms of the directions passed by the Hon’ble Court, vide order dated 23rd September 2020, the ex parte ad-interim order dated 23rd September 2020 (reproduced above i.e. Paragraph 8(v)) is also applicable with respect to these additional 62 websites.

In relation to the same, a scan copy of the Affidavit of Mr. Akshay Singh along with the evidence with respect to additional list of 62 websites that are engaged in hosting and/or streaming and/or providing access and/or making available for viewing the broadcast of Dream 11 IPL 2020 have been filed with the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide filing Diary No. E-834632/2020. The same can be viewed and downloaded from the below Google Drive Link.

We respectfully urge you to comply with the order dated 23rd September 2020 passed by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. For your reference, the next date of hearing in the matter is ­­­­27th November 2020 before the Court. In compliance with the provisions of Order 39 Rule 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, the entire set of papers filed before the Delhi High Court by us on behalf of our Client in the captioned Suit may be downloaded from the link below:

××××××× End Notice ×××××××

List of people who were streaming IPL on their website and all these have received notice. You can see all the website names by seeing the PDF screenshot.

IPL Streaming Website

Those who are watching or showing an IPL match in Free, do not watch and show kindly. If you do not want to get such a notice. If you want to watch an IPL match, then watch it on TV or you can watch on Hotstar. You can enjoy the IPL by buying Hotstar’s VIP Plan and then enjoy Desney’s Movies and Hotstar’s Movies & TV Shows for a year.

It is not necessary that you have to purchase Hotstar’s VIP plan from Hotstar only. You can also take it with your Telecom Operator Sim plan. As many Telecom Comapny is there, it has brought for its user Desney + Hotstar Recharge Plan, which is also providing VIP Subscription of Desney + Hotstar.

If you recharge your Telecome Operator’s Desney + Hotstar Plan, then you will get a lot of benefit in it. Your SIM will be recharge in which you will get Data, Calling & SMS and VIP Subscription of Desney + Hotstar for 1 year.

Know More Airtel Desney + Hotstar Plan 

Know More JIO Desney + Hotstar Plan

Note: This article is only for Knowledge Purpose to caution those who are streaming IPL and those who are watching so that those people stop doing live streaming and people who are watching stop watching.

Md Saifullah Nurani
I am Founder & CEO of Good Knowledge. I love to share my knowledge Globally.


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