Fix all problem of Freenom while registering domain

If you want to get Free domain or Paid domain from Freenom, due to many errors, you will not be able to register domain on freenom. For example, the domain you want to register, that domain will not be selected and if the domain is also selected, then when you complete the order process, then it will show that due to Technical Error Domain Register is not done.

So this problem is about to face 98% of the user. This problem has to be faced by 2019 and no Announcemet has been received from Freenom for how long they will fix this problem. But I have told a method in this article that you can register any domain on Freenom very easily by following it.

How can we fix this problem if the domain is not being selected and how can we fix the technical error that is being received after completing the domain order. Fixing both the problems I have explained in this article.

Fix Domain Not Select Problem & Technical Error

First of all, you have to open Freenom website, then you have to do the domain search which domain you want to register. And then you see which domain is available in the search list, if you want to select any of them, then it will start being not available, I told step by step how to fix this problem.

First of all you have to clear all the data and cookies of your browser, after that you have to open the freenom website, then you have to search by typing the entire domain of the domain you want to register for example like you want to register domain. So you have to search by typing domain.

As soon as you enter domain and search, then the domain will be searched and selected automatically if no one else has registered that domain. You can fix the problem with Domain Select by following this method.

After that you have to add the domain to the cart by clicking on Add to cart, then select your domain period. For 12 months as much as the month you want to register, you can choose according to your choice. Then click on Continue button.

After that the signup page will be open, you have to signup with a new fresh email. If you already have a freenom account, then you have to create a new account by ignoring old freenom account, because if you try to register the domain by login with your old freenom account than techincal error will show after completing the whole process. To fix this problem you have to signup with new email.

After that you will recieve a mail from freenom to verify your email on freenom, you have to open that mail and click on the email verification link and verify your email. Then you have to fill your billing detail and read the terms & condition.

and then click on the check box containing the terms & condition and agree to the terms & condition. After that you have to click on Complete Order. And then you will have a message show of order confirmation in which the order number of your domain will show.

After that you have to scroll down and go to the footer, on there you will get the option of my domain, by clicking on it you have to go to your domain account, then there you will get to see your domain which you will have registered.

So friends, by following this method, you can fix both the 2 main problems of the freenom website. And then you can register any domain from the freenom website.

If you are thinking that when you have to register a domain on freenom, do you always have to signup with a new email, then of course not you can only signup once and then you can always use that email to register a freenom domain.

If you are wondering why the domain register is not being done with the old freenom account. So friends, every old email has a technical error, because of this it is not able to register. For this, you have to signup with new email to register domain on freenom.

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