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Download Movies Or Webseries From Telegram In 2021

If you are fond of watching movies or web series and If you want to watch movies and web series for absolutely free then you will find many online websites. Where you are provided movie and website for free.

Download Movies or webseries from telegram

But 90% of all those movie websites are illegal site due to which the government blocks the domain of all those movie websites due to which people are not able to access those website and no one can download the movie or web series from that website. If you use VPN then you will be able to access that site and download any movie or website from there which will be available.

Free Movie Downloading Website

If you download movie from the free movie website, many times the movie or web series you want to watch that is not available on the website, due to which it is not possible to watch that movie or web series for free. But I are going to tell you a method in this article, from which you will be able to download any movie or web series for free.

You can watch in whatever language you want to watch. Just that movie is released in that language. If the language in which you want to watch a movie has been released in that language, then you will get that movie to download in the same language and you can watch the movie in that language for free.

People who download a movie from a movie website will know how much trouble it is to download a movie or a web series from a movie website because there are so many popads that are quite erratic. On downloading the movie and website on the movie website and when people go to download the movie or web series from the movie website, how many times the file of the movie which is not there is deleted due to copyright strike and then that movie or web Downloading a series is not possible. Many sites get to see this.

In this article, we will tell you how you will download a movie or web series from Telegram. There is no need to join any channel or group to download web series from Telegram. We will tell you how to download movies from Telegram or download web series. This is a completely different method. If you want to download movies or web series from Telegram, then read this article carefully and know how to download the movie.

Steps to Download Movies or WebSeries from telegram

To download Movies or Web Series from Telegram, you need to join a bot on Telegram. The name of the bot is Torrent Search, button will be found below. Click on it to join torrent search bot.

The movie or web series that you have to download after joining the torrent search bot. Just enter that movie or webs series name and search there. As soon as you search, you will get full search result. The language in which that movie was released, all the languages ​​will be visible to you there with 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p quality. You can download the language in which you want to download the movie.

To download movies or web series from Telegram torrent bot search, you need to put the correct spelling in the torrent search bot. Whatever movie and web series you want to download. If you put wrong spelling in torrent searcher bot of movie or web series, then you will not find anything in search result.

Google Search

Before downloading a movie or web series from the torrent search bot, you must do Google. Name the movie or series so that you get the correct spelling and you simply copy and paste it into the telegram bot searcher.

Copy torrent linkAfter searching the movies or web series in the torrent searcher bot, you will have to go to the language and the quality in which you want to download the movie or web series from which the search results will show. Below you will find a link to blue color, click on it. After clicking the magnet link will open in a new page. Below copy button will be found and click on it to copy the magnet link.

Copy magnet link


It takes a lot of time to download any file from the magnet link, so for fast downloading, the magnet link will have to be converted to direct download link so that the file will be downloaded fast. So to convert the magnet link to direct download link one has to go to the seedr website and from there generate the magnet link into direct download link.

You must check that link before copying the magnet link of a movie or web series. The link from which you are downloading, the seedr should not be 0 and the leecher should also not be 0. If both seedr and leecher are 0 it means that the file will not be able to generate direct download link. So you have to see that type of link whose seedr and leacher is more than 0.

Check seedr


Seedr provides free space 2.5GB to convert magnet link to direct download link. For example, if you have a 2.5GB magnet file and you want to generate it in direct download link, then the file will be converted into direct download link, if your file is more than 2.5 GB in size then you have to buy space, see seedr premium space price. If you want to take space on the seedr for free, then you will get free space up to 3.5 GB.

Read how to get 3.5 free space on seedr

After copying the magnet link, go to the home page of the seedr. There will be a plus icon, click on it, there will be an option to paste the link. Paste the link by clicking on it, after pasting the link, click on the plus icon again as soon as the plus icon is clicked the magnet file that will start generating in the direct download link.

Paste your link

After adding the magnet link, click on the cut icon and you will see the progress bar. After completing 100% progress bar click on 3 dot, and then click on copy download link and copy the link. After that open a new tab and paste the link there and your file will start downloading.

Progress bar

So in this way very easily any movie or web series can be downloaded from Telegram in free. Hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, then how did you comment by commenting and share this article on your social media and subscribe to our website so that you can get the update of the new article.

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