Diwali Wishing Website Script 2020 For Blogger For Free

Diwali wishing website
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Diwali wishing website, If you do online earning or want to do online earning, then I brought you a great idea for you. As you all know that there are many religions in India and every religion has a festival every month and a great festival is coming up named Diwali.

Diwali is a festival of Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Diwali big billion day offers run on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart which offer 20% to 80% off of the product.

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Diwali Wishing Website

We have also brought a best way for you this Diwali, which you can follow and earn online in a very good way. If you use social media like whatsapp, facebook, then you must have clicked a link on WhatsApp or Facebook at some time.

and that link will have been opened in your default browser and there you will be congratulated for the festival which is going to come. So people make such a wishing website so that people can congratulate their relatives in a unique way.

What is the benefit of this wishing website, It goes viral very quickly because it is a festival website and it is shared by each other on WhatsApp or Facebook and everyone congratulates their family or friend by sharing it.

This website is created with attractive design that people want to share with everyone and wish their people a great way to congratulate the festival.

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How To Earn Money From Wishing Website ?

here is a lot of way to earn money from wishing website but I suggest two best method which is really great for earning from wishing website. You can earn by using any method.

1. Ad Network
2. Affiliate Network

Ad Network

You can earn money from any Ad Network Ads by Implementing in the wishing website. AdSense is a very popular Ad Network. If you have AdSense approval on your domain, then you can use AdSense in wishing website and earn money. If you do not know about Adsense then you can get information by searching on Google.

To get domain approval in Adsense is not easy, So if you use an alternative ad network instead it would be very good because the festival will end before domain get approved in adsense. Adsense not give approval on the wishing website.

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So if you want Adsense approval on your domain you must have to create a different website which comply with Adsense Programme Policy, If your domain got approved in Adsense and you want to implement Adsense Ads in your wishing website then don’t do that otherwise your Adsense account will be suspended and you will never get it back again in future.

How To use Adsense safely in wishing website ?

Alternate method is available to use Adsense Ads in wishing website. I already made a video on this topic. My youtube Subscriber asked me how to use Adsense safely in wishing website so i made video on this topic. Watch video below to know how to use Adsense safely without getting suspend.

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PropellerAds is best alternate Ad Network to earn money from wishing website by implementing PropellerAds Ads, PropellerAds is very easy to get approval in any type of website because you just have to verify your domain in PropellerAds to confirm that your website belongs you. After domain verification your website will approved Instantly.

If you want to know more about PropellerAds like minimum payout limit, withdrawal method and how to create PropellerAds zone id to implement Ads in website and how to verify domain in properllerAds then must watch video below.

Affiliate Network

You can also use Affiliate Ads of amazon or flipkart to generate revenue from amazon or flipkart. Affilate Ads is a great way to generate revenue more then Ad Network Ads because in big billion day Amazon & Flipkart provide 20% to 80% discount on their product.

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People also waiting for this big billion day offer to buy product in cheap price. If you generate Affiliate link of any product which is trending for selling in Amazon or Flipkart then you can easy generate revenue.

In any type of festival you can use Affiliate Ads to generate revenue because a person always needs something. Many devices that are continue to be newly launched, so it is not going to make any difference in revenue. In the big billion day have the chance of earning more because of the product discount is more at this time.

To use Amazon or Flipkart Affliate Ads you have to join Affliate programme of them. You can’t join Flipkart Affiliate programme because flipkart Affiliate Programme registeration is off and no idea when flipkart Affiliate registeration will start.

Another option is available you can join Amazon Affiliate Programme. I already made a video on this topic how to join Amazon Affilate Programme, watch video below.

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After creating Amzon Affiliate account you have to create your own Ads using Amazon Affiliate link to implement Ads in wishing website. I already made a full video on this topic how to make own Ads and how to implement Amazon Affiliate Ads, watch video below.

How To Earn More Money From Wishing Website ?

If you want to earn more money from wishing website then definetely you can earn more money by using Ad Network Ads & Affliate Ad Network Ads at same time. It is a great think because every person will not buy product then other option is available to earn money by Ad Network.

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PropellerAds is great Ads network because its provide popunder Ads and this type of Ads no need to click, it automatically opens in the new tab.

How To Make Wishing Website ?

Before we start to learn how to make wishing website i want to tell you something. If you know programming language of HTML, CSS & Javascript then you can make your own designed wishing website. If you don’t know programming language then don’t worry because I already made a wishing website script using HTML, CSS & Javascript. You can Download it from Download button below.

[su_button url=”https://goodknowledge.co.in/blog/c73fdf02https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b404Mjp2Y7Xu2m_m9WnQ05KegvvErZkK/view?usp=drivesdk” style=”flat” background=”#efdc2d” color=”#000000″ size=”11″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”10px 10px 05px #00000″ class=”.button0″]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

To making wishing website you need to create blog on blogger. Blogger is a free hosting of Google and blogger is best for creating wishing website because wishing website goes viral quickly and get lots of traffic.

If you use any other hosting then you have to purchase and if your wishing website gets lot of traffic then your hosting will crash but in blogger you don’t need to worry because it’s fully free and it can handle more then million of traffic in a one time. So blogger is best for wishing website or any types of website.

How To Create Blog on Blogger ?

To create blog on blogger, open your chrome browser and search blogger.com in URL box. then you need to login with your google account if you not logged in.

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After login you will see Choose a name for your blog, then enter your blog name as you want. For Diwali wishing website you could enter “Wishing You Happy Diwali”. then click on next button.

Choose your blog name


Choose a URL for your blog

Enter URL for your blog what you want URL of your website. For Diwali wishing website you can choose your wishing website URL like wishinguhappydiwali20. After entering URL of your website if you will see this blog address is not availble then it mean some one use this URL for his/her blog.



Confirm your diaplay name

Enter your name to display in your blog profile. then click on Finish button.

How To Setup Diwali Wishing Website On Blogger ?

1. After Creating blog for your festival wishing website, click on the theme button and select simple theme and then click on Apply to change theme.

Blogger theme setting

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2. Click on triangle Icon and then click on Mobile setting and then select Desktop and save it to change your mobile theme setting look like desktop theme setting.

Change Mobile Theme Setting In Blogger


3.Click again on triangle Icon and click on switch to first generation classic theme and then a small window will apper where you have to click on switch without a backup.

Switch to first generation classic theme in blogger


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4. Click again on triangle Icon and click on Change NavBar and then a small window will apper where you have to select off and save it to hide Navigaton Bar from blog.

Change Navbar setting in theme


5. Click on Edit HTML button and then clear all HTML, CSS & Javascript code of default theme of blogger.

Edit html in blogger


6. Download QuickEdit App then open diwali wishing website script in QuickEdit app and select all code and copy and then paste it HTML box where you cleared all file and click on save icon to save it.

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QuickEdit Text Editor
Developer: Rhythm Software
Price: Free

7. Now diwali wishing website is ready, To check your diwali wishing website click on view blog or type your blog URL which you entered to create a blog. (exmapl.blogspot.com).

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How To customize wishing script ?

If you want to customize wishing script, then you need to an app for android which named QuicEdit and for PC you need Notepad++ to customize.I already made a video on this topic. To know about how to customize wishing script Watch video below to customize wishing script.

How To Implemet Ads in wishing website ?

To implement Ads is wishing website open your wishing website script in QuickEdit App and paste your Adsense or Affiliate Ads code in below of this tag (<!—-Ads—->).

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How To Implement PropellerAds in wishing website ?

To implement PropellerAds you have to use custom domain in your blog. Because PropellerAds not support blogspot subdomain. You can use free or paid domain for getting approval in PropellerAds.

After getting PropellerAds Approval you just have to create a popunder zone id and copy html code of popunder and paste it in your wishing website below header tag.

After implementing Ads copy all wishing website HTML, CSS & Javascript code and remove previous saved HTML, CSS & Javascript code from blogger Edit HTMl box and paste your newly edited HTML, CSS & Javascript code. Then saved it to show Ads in wishing website.

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You can purchase paid domain from any domain selling website but you can’t purchase free domain from any other website. If you want free domain than only one website which is famous to selling free domain for 1 year and the name of this website is Freenom.

Freenom not offering top level domain for free, if you want top level domain you have to purchase it. Freenom offers this type of domain (.tk, .gq, .ml, .ga, .cf, .ml). All paid domain is top level domain.

How to buy top level domain in cheap price?

If you want to buy cheap domain than only one website which is famous for cheap domain selling and the name is GoDaddy. It is No.1 website for selling cheap domain in all country. GoDaddy website offer a valid discount coupon code every person who want domain from GoDaddy.

Their is all types of coupon code suppose any person want to buy domain from GoDaddy with great discount than it’s type of discount coupon always available in GoDaddy website to get 60% to 80% discount.

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How to buy domain from freenom ?

If you want to buy free domain from freenom that is not easy to purchase at this time because freenom getting too error while completing domain order. So if you want domain from freenom than read this article how to buy free domain from freenom. Follow all my steps which i already wrote in this article to get easily free domain from freenom website.

If you read this line then I really sure you like my post. If you like my post then do subscribe our youtube channel and follow us on our social media to connect with me.


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