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Content Locker : Boost Your Website Traffic From Social Media Free Of Cost.

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Friends, if your website is blogging or anything, and if the traffic does not come on your website as much from social media or search engine. So friends, I have the best solution that will bring traffic to your website from social media, It has a very simple method you will not have to do anything the user who visits your website will share your post on social media which will give a boost to your website from social media. If any advertising network ads are serving on your website, then it can help you to earn more. And Google will also send traffic to your website.

So boost website by social media, you have to use content locker in your website. Let I give you information about what is a content locker. Content locker means you can understand by the name, it is use to lock content. If you are wondering how to get the social boost from content locker on your website. People come to the website to find something which is very important to know them. It is important to you, and you have to take advantage of the same thing, you lock the important content of your website from the content locker. If any user visits your website after locking the content, then they will see that the important content is locked and to unlock it they will share the post on his/her social media account, which will give your website a social boost. So you have been provided complete information in this article that how you have to use content locker in your website and what is content locker.

Content Locker is a Plugin for WordPress user. There is also a Free Version of Content Locker and Paid Version. In Free Version you will not get to see much, you will be given access to some social media, but if you take Paid Version of Content Locker, then you can access everything from Content Locker. Paid Content Locker you will find on, its price is $ 57. If you want to buy it, you can visit on the site.

How To Use Content Locker

First of all you have to install and activate these plugins, after that you will have to do social setting so that your user can share your posts on his/her social media.

After that you have to go to the setting of Content Locker, you have to enter your Social Media Secret Key Aur Secrert Id, Facebook, Twitter, Google & Linkedin, you do not need to do all these Socail Media Secret Key and Secret Id to Genearte, You just generate the Secret Key and Secret Id of those social media from where you want to bring social traffic. After generating the Secret Key and Secret Id you have to fill in the correct box and save it.

Generate Social Media Secret Key & Secret Id Website Link

Facebook    Twitter    Google    Linkedin

You can bring traffic to your website through email boost in addition to social boost by using content locker. And if you want to gain email subscribers by logging in on your website, then they can also. content locker is a very good plugin, which we can use to boost traffic to our website through social media and email subscriber.

How to use Content Locker To lock the content of your website, the entire video on it is from the official content locker author. By watching that video, you can understand very well how to lock the content of your website, and boost the traffic of your website by social media & email subscriber.

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