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Best No.1 VPN For PUBG Mobile

Reduce high ping in pubg

If you are a Gamer who plays online games then you will know what is the value of low ping while playing online games. The game is very lag when ping is high during playing online game. And because of being a Game Lag, the Gaming Experience is useless.

benefit of Reduce High Ping to low ping in game ?

  1. Low ping reduces lag
  2. This makes the game smooth
  3. Improves Gaming Experience.

If you are not a gamer, you can still take advantage of low ping while downloading a file from the Internet. Due to low ping, file fast download is from Internet.

How to Reduce High Ping to low Ping ?

Three setting is very important to reduce high ping to low ping so that any game can be easily played without lag.




1) PHONE SETTING : The first thing you have to do in the phone is to enable the developer setting if it is not enabled. After that you have to go to the developer option and “Enable 4x MSAA“.


  • FIRST METHOD : You have to open the dialpad of your phone and you have to type *#*4636#*#*. After that, the phone information will appear, click on it and then click on the device information. And then LTE has to be selected.

Secret 4g code


  • After selecting LTE, your Internet will become stable on 4G mode. And then your Internet Speed ​​will improve.


LTE mode

  • SECON METHOD : *#*#4636#*#* If nothing is open when you enter the code in the dialpad, then you download an application, the name of the application is 4G LTE. To download the application, click on the name of the app given next to the Icon of the App below. And enhance Internet Speed ​​by selecting its LTE mode.

[su_note note_color=”#ea8089″ text_color=”#ffffff”]NOTE : If VOLTE network comes in your phone then all your service sim will be turned on. If your phone does not have a VOLTE network then your Incoming & Outgoing service will stop. To start the Incoming & Outgoing service, you have to select LTE / WCDMA by using 4G LTE App or by using Code.[/su_note]

4G LTE Only - 4g LTE Mode
4G LTE Only - 4g LTE Mode
Developer: Game Town
Price: Free


VPN is very important to reduce High Ping and even in many countries, the game has been banned or the game has not been launched in their country, yet they are able to play that game with the help of VPN. So VPN plays an important role for gamers.

Which VPN is best for reduce high ping ?

There are many VPNs available that are both free and premium. But there are few free VPNs which lowers Ping in real. Some Premium VPNs are also unable to reduce ping many times. But there is a best free VPN that keeps ping always low.

Ultra SuperVPN is a much better VPN. It is specially designed to improve the game and to keep the ping normal. This VPN has multiple uses, along with the game, all types of websites and apps can be unblocked. It is rated 4.8 of VPN and is available on VPN Playstore.

Ultra SuperVPN has a lot of Free Servers and some Premium Servers. By connecting with Free Servers, you can play any game with a better experience. Can access any blocked apps / games and website.

BEST FREE SEVER TO REDUCE HIGH PING : The best free server in Ultra SuperVPN is singapore. After connecting the Ultra SuperVPN to the country of Singapore, you can enjoy any game in a better way.


Singapore server

If the gaming experience has not improved even after connecting the servers of singapore country, that is, if the ping is high, then you can enjoy the gaming experience by connecting to the server of any other country.

  • Android User :- If you play in the game android phone, you can play games using Ultra SuperVPN.
  • IOS User :- If you play the game in IOS phone then the best VPN for you is Nord VPN.

If you want to download movie & webserver free from telegram then click here

So you can improve your Gaming skills & experience by using VPN. And if you want to make a career in Gaming, then you need it very much. So I hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, like it and subscribe to the website so that you keep getting the update of the latest tips and tricks and by commenting, definitely tell us the experience of playing the game with this VPN.

Best No.1 VPN For PUBG Mobile

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